Ten tell-tale signs of water leakage

Water leaks tend to be a hectic problem as it adds to the water bills, can damage and crack the walls and produce unpleasant odours in the house. Some of these issues can become troublesome, so you should keep a proper check on some of the shared water leakage signs

Some of the tell-tale signs of water leakage are:

  • The sound of running water: It’s the most evident sign of water leakage. Check your faucets, toilet valves and pipes if you hear running water sound.
  • High water bills: Another prominent sign of water leakage is in addition to your water bills. Call for the house maintenance team for a thorough examination of the water lines.
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  • Wet/ damp floors: Damp floors can point towards a sewer leakage in the house, and it’s alarming.
  • Overgrowth in the lawn: Weeds/ grass growth and wet spot can also indicate water/ sewer leakage in the house
  • Cracks in the walls: Water leaks can damage your walls so bad that it can result in wall cracks. Seek plumbers assistance for proper assessment of water leaks in the house.
  • Foul odours: unpleasant and foul smells can appear to be a water leakage sign in the kitchen or toilets, look for it, or seek professional help
  • Swollen materials: Leaking water can absorb into building materials that result in a swollen part in the house such as architraves and skirtings.
  • Floor deformation: If there is underground leakage, it can warp the floor and result in an uneven floor surface.
  • Rusty Fixings: Corrosions of screws and bolts can probably sign water leakage in the house
  • Flooded bathroom and lawns: During the rainy season, if your rooms or lawn is flooded, it can be a clue to water leakage.