Certificate III In Plumbing

To be certified plumber in Australia, novices need to train as an apprentice under a professional and take a specific course. All of our employees are certificate III and above, with apprentices at least level II. Our executives hold level IV certificates.

Certificate Of Compliance

All of our plumbing executives hold certificates of compliance. It indicates that all the services and goods we offer and deliver are according to regulatory measures. The certificate protects both the plumbers and the clients.

Licensed And Registered

Our staff boasts many registered and licenced plumbers. Excluding apprentices, all plumbing staff are certified by the Queensland authorities. We also have QBCC occupational licence holders in the team.

Our Special Offers

We offer discounts and concessions for particular services and occasions. We also have bundle offers, that include concessions for combined general plumbing services that are connected (pun intended).